I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. The first being a sketch of Woody Woodpecker and I would like to think I’ve only gotten better from those days. The best term I have seen to describe my art would be Pop Surrealism. Ideas come to me from pop culture by way of movies, music and television plus from everyday tasks as driving to work, attending random events and running errands to retail establishments. My work is influenced by my generations’ ability to view weekly Saturday morning cartoons, which in time, merged into weekday mornings and afternoons and now into daily exhibits with a cable channel devoted to the art. I am fond of creating rich and vibrant colored cartooned styled objects and putting them into inconceivable settings.

A goal of mine in creating art is not tell too much of a story and let the viewer imagine their own conclusion. I believe the imagination is a terrible thing to waste and people do not exercise their creative abilities enough. Without consistent practice, too many people end up losing this gift which is given during childhood. Another goal is to create my paintings as realistic (and a cartoonish) as possible. I have and continue to study painting methods used by past painting masters to achieve this success. I would like my viewers to walk away thinking that my situations really do exist as I was there to take a snapshot and share these environments with them.

Fueled by the thoughts of genius:

Have no fear of perfection…you’ll never reach it.
Salvador Dali

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.
Hunter S. Thompson